Personal Interests

Although not extensive, here are some relics of my primary interest outside of work–music. Yes, I realize this is merely my vain attempt at exposing the world to my feeble attempts at celebrity. I am OK with that.

Making Music

Since starting concert band in the 6th grade (many years ago), I have spent many-a day and night practicing and performing on drums and percussion. While this did start back in grade school, I did not pick up playing in alt-rock bands until my college days. I’ve had the pleasure of playing with many great folks, and at many great venues, including at a professional basketball arena, while playing halftime sets for the Houston Rockets (NBA) and Houston Comets (WNBA). As a sample of my recording career, here are a number of pieces I’ve recorded over the years, starting with one of my first recordings, done in my bedroom at my mom’s house (probably using an Apple IIe or some other digital relic).

“Goner” by Lifter (2001) [mp3]

“In the Sun” by Maidencane (2003) [mp3]

 “Days of Elijah” by Voices of the Dream (2006) [mp3]

“Run Away” by City of Refuge (2006) [mp3]

The Ukulele

Properly pronounced “ooo-koo-le-le” and not “yookoo-lay-lee”, the ukulele has become a recent addition to my musical undertaking. It’s actually the first string instrument I’ve ever played, and I give many thanks to a good friend from Albuquerque for showing me the basics to get me started. It’s hard to sing-a-long with me, by myself, playing drums, solo (no accompaniment). But, with a uke, I can actually play melodies! Plus, a uke is a tad bit easier to carry around and play wherever I may be.

“I Will Follow You into the Dark” by KM, written by Death Cab for Cutie (recorded: 2014) [mp3]