ENG 17: Exams

[updated 5/24/15]

General Information

  • All exams are closed notes/books/calculators/phones/misc-electronic-gadgets. So, you show up with your brain and a pencil–that’s it (ok, you can also have an eraser).
  • The instructor will provide a formula sheet for each exam. This will also be provided at least one week prior to the exam, so you can study with it.
  • Midterms are 60 minutes long and will start at the beginning of the class period (10:00-11:00am).
  • Final Exam is 90 minutes long and will be comprehensive, but have an emphasis on material covered after Midterm 2 (~20% on Midterm 1 material, ~20% on Midterm 2 material, ~60% on new material).
  • Questions regarding grading must be addressed within one week of receiving your score, otherwise the score is final. This should be done in person with Dr. Montgomery, during office hours or by appointment.
  • Don’t cheat. It’s wrong. Cheaters will be reported. It will not end well for you. You get the idea.
Exam Date/Time Covering Formula Sheet Practice Extra Credit Solutions
MT1 Tuesday, 4/21 1.1-1.6, 2.1-2.5, 3.1-3.4, 3.7, 4.1-4.13 MT1 – Formulas
MT2 Thursday, 5/14 5.1-5.6, 6.1-6.5, 7.1-7.6 MT2 – Formulas
Final Thursday 6/11 @ 10:30am all above + 8.1-8.4, 9.1-9.12, 10.1-10.6 FNL – Formulas