ENG 17: Homework

[updated 6/5/15]

  • Homework will be due on the dates noted below by 5:00pm, and should be submitted to the homework box in Kemper 2131.
  • Late Homework: Unless you have a documented reason (such as a Dr’s note) for missing the homework deadline, your late homework will not be accepted. If you do have an excuse, you must deliver your homework in person to Dr. Montgomery within 24 hours of the due date/time. No late homework accepted past 24 hours.
  • Solutions: Homework solutions will be posted on the day that homework is returned (generally next day).
  • Working with Peers: Collaborating with your classmates on homework assignments is encouraged, however, each student must still submit their own individual homework. Also, feel free to use Piazza to discuss homework problems. Collaboration–good. Blatant copying–bad.
  • Format: Homework should be done on standard 8 1/2 x 11″ paper. Staple all pages together, in order. Write your full name, last name first, on each page (write name as it is shown on your official UC records). Write the homework number on the first page.
  • Grading: The TAs will grade two problems on each homework. Each problem will be graded on a 5-point scale. The TA’s score on homework is final (no re-grading).
    • 0 = no effort attempted
    • 1 = minimal effort attempted
    • 2 = sloppy and/or significant mistakes
    • 3 = incorrect, but reasonable attempt was made
    • 4 = basically correct, but sloppy and/or minor mistakes and/or wrong units
    • 5 = correct and easy to follow, includes correct units
  • Pick-Up: All graded homeworks will be put in a box on the floor in Kemper 2131. You are responsible for picking up your homework and checking the grade on your paper with the grade on SmartSite. You have 1 week from the date homework grades are posted to ask for corrections to be made (this does NOT mean re-grading, but simply if we entered your grade incorrectly in SmartSite).
No. Problem Set Due Date Solutions Graded by
HW1  HW 1  Tues, 4/7  Nathan
HW2  HW 2 – corrected  Thurs, 4/16  Yuhao
HW3  HW 3 – edit  Thurs, 4/30  Songjie
HW4  HW 4  Tues, 5/12  Burcu
HW5  HW 5  Tues, 5/26  Chi
HW6  HW 6  Thurs, 6/4  Yuhao